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Also, i am very far behind in rent and am afraid i may be evicted. I have a Fiance and she has a 16 year old son. We want to have a child of our own someday. I have a vehicle with so many problems with it that everyday that it starts, is a blessing. I really need my teeth pulled and help with rent. I am so willing to help others but first i need to get back on my feet. Pretty soon i wont have this internet to post on because they will shut the electricity off, IF i still have a home.

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I am very sick because of my bad teeth. I need to have them all pulled and i only have 10 left. I have severe migranes everyday and these bad teeth are affecting my vision and my hearing, as well as, i believe chest pains. I found out 3 years ago that i needed all my teeth out. I cant afford it. As of now i am unemployed. It is hard to work when you are in constant pain. I need some help badly and fast. I know that this will slowly kill me if i dont get it taken care of. These bad teeth are infecting my entire body. Could somebody please help me? I can wait for denture, i just need to get these 10 teeth out asap. thank you.

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